Shopping Tip #1

shopping tips
Make a list. Let's be honest, if you are only going into a store for two or three things, why make a list right? Without a list, it is easy to keep buying because you have no destination; you have nothing that holds you accountable. A smart shopper is one who makes a list. It helps you remember why you actually came to the store and makes sure you don’t forget anything important, like the salsa.

Shopping Tip #3

use cash
Try to use cash. We live in the age of plastic, but unfortunately, studies have shown that those who pay with credit or debit card usually spend more than those who pay with cash. It’s because you cannot physically see the money and how much you have left in your budget. It may be a hassle at first, but a smart shopper knows that using cash will help with budgeting and save you from impulse buys!

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Shopping Tip #2

shopping tip #2
Go to outlet malls. There is nothing wrong with wanting name-brand merchandise, but a smart shopper understands that you can get name-brand products for a lot less. There is nothing wrong with paying 50% for an item. It doesn’t make the brand name change because you paid $30 instead of $80. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can go to an outlet mall and get the same product for a better price?

Shopping Tip #4

shop smart
Don't be an “emotional” shopper. A smart shopper realizes that while it's alright to splurge every once and a while, shopping should really be for necessary items. It is so easy to buy things you don't need to ease short-lived bouts of boredom, sadness, hunger, and so forth. But watch yourself. Try not to do it on a regular basis. You will end up with buyer’s remorse and a dent in your wallet.